Best of 2017 on Google Play Store

Battles of Ottoman Empire

by LimonGames

Battles of Ottoman Empire is an exciting MMO game that transports you back into the age of the magnificent Ottoman Empire.Feel the thrill of expanding one of the world’s most historic empires as you build your base, strengthen your troops, and conquer your enemies.

Battles Of Ottoman Empire
On Google Play

Battles of Ottoman Empire has been built on Unity Technologies while leveraging the key Google integrations such as Google Play Game Services and Firebase. Our sophisticated approach towards prioritizing user experience above anything else enabled the games as one of the Best Games of 2017 in Google Play.

Battles of Ottoman Empire
On Apple Store

We have simultaneously shipped our game in multiple platforms and Apple App Store has been one of the key platforms we have been optimizing our game for. We strive for excellence and thus we have been investing in our resources to bring in the best experience in the App Store. We are committed to bring in new key features so stay tuned.